Saturday, 20 March 2010

And that's how they met

SweetButterfly did tell me how she met her girlfriend, and I learned that unfortunately in India two girls that love each other have sometimes to choose between their families and their love.
But it still is a beautiful "how they met" story.

SweetButterfly: ok i really should tell you how we met. it the beginning none of us knew that we would be in a relationship
SweetButterfly: you want to hear it now?
Irismi: if you have the time, i'd love to!
SweetButterfly: you may get bored though
Irismi: i don't get bored that easly. Specialy when i'm hearing a "how we met" story. :)
Irismi: I'm ready! even change into my "pijama party" clothes to have a "girl's talk"
Irismi: :)
SweetButterfly: we met about three years ago in a cultural program. my office was sponsoring the event, and jhumka was performing a dance in that event. she used to learn classical indian dance at that time.
Irismi: i'm making the movie in my head.
SweetButterfly: nothing any special honey. i cant remember if we even talked that evening
SweetButterfly: anyways, after a few weeks, or probably one or two months later, i accidentally met her in a street near my office. again, nothing special, just hi hello how are you etc.
SweetButterfly: then, one day i saw her in a cd shop in a mall. she wanted to buy a cd, but didnt buy it as it was too expensive for her. she was a student, so even a 5 dollar cd was expensive for her.
SweetButterfly: she didnt see me, left the shop. i went to the counter, bought the cd, went out after her, and gave it to her.
SweetButterfly: she was surprised, hesitated that i bought it for her, but eventually accepted it.
Irismi: that's charming. :)
SweetButterfly: then we went to a cafe and had some juices together. this was the first time we started knowing a bit about each other.
SweetButterfly: nothing special though. anyways, i gave her my card and we used to talk over the phone from time to time.
SweetButterfly: just about how life is, what was going on etc.
SweetButterfly: i felt that she was quite lonely (her parents separated several months ago), so she used to open up to me
SweetButterfly: she found me as a good listener and like a senior friend.
Irismi: senior? LOL How are you again?
SweetButterfly: i am 27 now
SweetButterfly: senior to her
SweetButterfly: lol
Irismi: then what happend?
SweetButterfly: well we used to talk over phone. on a few occasions we had lunch or dinner together, went out shopping a few times too.
SweetButterfly: we didnt know anything about a relationship at that time. she had a boyfriend from her class.
SweetButterfly: girls of that age here are very shy, and she didnt know anything about sex at all.
SweetButterfly: but she soon started opening up with me, told me about her boyfriend, relationship etc.
SweetButterfly: she liked sharing these things with me.
SweetButterfly: after a few months it became normal for her to call me and tell me anything that she would think important for her (for example, wedding of her cousin, or a school outing etc)
SweetButterfly: she would ask me for advice about her career, or marriage, or dresses.
SweetButterfly: just girly things, like friends do.
SweetButterfly: anyways, after her 19th birthday, one day i called her told asked her if she would like to have dinner at my appartment
SweetButterfly: she said she could not, because she had a date with her boyfriend.
Irismi: at this point you still didn't have any romantic feelings towards her?
SweetButterfly: but surprisingly, one hour later, she was at my appartment, looking a bit confused.
SweetButterfly: we liked each other, but still didnt think about any romantic thing
Irismi: i feel i should have popcorn with me
Irismi: :)
SweetButterfly: lol
Irismi: so, there she was, on your doorstep...
SweetButterfly: yes. i asked her what happened, she said she started to go to meet her boyfriend but somehow came to my place.
SweetButterfly: so i told her to call her guy and say sorry and make another appointment.
SweetButterfly: she did, and they arranged another date the next day.
SweetButterfly: at that moment i suddenly got curious and wanted to try something naughty
SweetButterfly: i called the parlor lady to whom i used to go, and made an appointment with her the next day (same time as jhumka's date) to do my nails.
Irismi: ahhhh.. the plot thickens
SweetButterfly: then i told her that her eye brows look a bit out of form and she can come with me if she wanted.
Irismi: and she did?
SweetButterfly: i was right. she did come, and eventually she broke up with her guy a few days later.
SweetButterfly: i cant really remember when it happened or how it happened. we did bliss each other even when we were not in a relationship
SweetButterfly: we had a lot of problems though
Irismi: what kind?
SweetButterfly: you know, our society does not accept lesbian relationships
SweetButterfly: her mom was very much against it.
SweetButterfly: initially we didnt live together, but we found it quite hard and i had to bring her to my place
Irismi: and your parents, they understand?
SweetButterfly: now she almost has no contact with her family, and i had to sacrifice my social life to a great extent too
Irismi: that is sad...
SweetButterfly: Iris, i have been brought up in a very different way. i dont think my dad likes it, but he knows that i will do whatever i want. he has pampered me throughout my life
SweetButterfly: he probably still thinks im a little girl doing some whimsical thing lol.
SweetButterfly: we are very playful at home but outside we have to be careful
Irismi: Here if i walk around holding hands with a girl people don't even think we're lesbian... Friends do that all the time. And hugging, showing affection
SweetButterfly: yes similar here, but i think if you look carefully you will understand. besides, among friends and relatives, it is hard to hide
Irismi: for two girls to be "pointed" out as lesbians they have to have a serious make-out session in the middle of the street.. otherwise they're just being "friendly"
Irismi: It's very different with boys... if two guys are just a little affectionate they just *have* to be gay
SweetButterfly: for sure. Here is the same way.

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